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Intelligent Data-driven Optimisation of Charging Infrastructure

General information

The IDO-laad project, which stands for Intelligent Data driven Optimization of Charging Infrastructure, focuses on research and the development of tools aimed at the roll-out of a cost efficient and effectively used charging infrastructure for electric mobility. Public and semi-public charging infrastructure has made a major development in the recent years, especially in urban areas. Because of this growth in electric mobility, optimization has become a current issue.

Researchers from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam are working on forecasting- and simulation models based on charging data provided by the consortium partners and other relevant datasets. These models are then applied in the development of tools for professionals that work for public authorities and companies who are working on the development and roll-out of EV charging infrastructure.

From September 2015 until August 2019, the consortium and the project team are putting great effort in the effective use of the charging infrastructure and tighten up the business case for charging infrastructure. The goal of this project is to support professionals in the charging infrastructure chain with the deployment of an effective and cost efficient charging infrastructure. With ‘effective’ we mean matching the charging demand and supply. With ‘cost efficient’ we mean that costs and benefits of deployment, use, operation and maintenance of the charging infrastructure are in balance and create a sound business case.

Published by  IDO-Laad 21 October 2016