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IDO-laad framed as a 'high-voltage' project

2 Nov 2017 16:26 | IDO-Laad

According to the SiA commission, IDO-laad is a high-voltage project. A project of high social relevance, in which everyone works together in order to get the best result for both science and practice. IDO-laad has a strong scientific basis and ensures development in the EV-workfield.

On Thursday, October 26th of the year 2017, the mid-term review of IDO-laad took place at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam. Results of the last two years were presented to the SiA commission by the HvA IDO-laad team and consortium partners Nuon, Engie, OverMorgen and the municipality of Amsterdam. Members of the committee were: Prof. Wim Hafkamp (Erasmus University), Prof. Ir. Gerard Smit (UT Twente) and Martje van Ankeren (program manager at Regieorgaan SiA, the Dutch organization to stimulate practice oriented research.).

First the floor was given to consortiumpartners: Doede Bardok (Amsterdam), Jacco van der Burg (Engie), Joris Hupperets (Nuon) and Mark Verbeet (OverMorgen). They explained their organizational goals and research questions originating from their professional practice. The committee noted a variety of interests. Nevertheless, despite contradictions and sensitivities, ties between partners and the University of Applied Science are strong due to a shared fascination in stimulating electric driving and the roll-out of charging infrastructure.

Lector Robert van den Hoed, projectmanager Simone Maase and PhD researchers Jurjen Helmus and Rick Wolbertus explained the results of the first two years of research. The committee members were very impressed by the interaction between the project partners and research practice. The project is characterized by a constantly ongoing dialogue. Based on the developed knowledge and its application in practice, researchquestions are continuously renewed and adapted.

The project management was rated energetic and effective, the quality of the research as very good. Research content of a high level and optimally linked to professional practice. IDO-laad was graded an example project for the SiA RAAK-Pro subsidy program.

We are very pleased with this positive feedback and thank Regieorgaan SiA for the trust in IDO-laad. The next two years we will definitely continue this way.