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Intelligent Data-driven Optimisation of Charging Infrastructure

Key performance indicators of charging infrastructure


The Netherlands are one of the frontrunners in stimulating electric mobility in Europe when it comes to the charging infrastructure density and electric vehicle adoption. Municipalities play an instrumental role in the rollout of public charging infrastructure while they have little insight in the relevant key performance indicators of the charging infrastructure as a means to support effective decision making. This paper aims to contribute to providing a more thorough understanding of relevant key performance indicators for public charging infrastructure. An approach is presented that explores result and performance indicators to support policy makers optimizing the roll out of and improvement of the business case for charging infrastructure.

Reference Helmus, J., & van den Hoed, R. (2016). Key performance indicators of charging infrastructure. World Electric Vehicle Journal, 8(4), 727-735.
Published by  IDO-Laad 1 January 2016

Publication date

Jan 2016


R. van den Hoed


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